The following are a series of WordPress plugins I've created. To see some of my older work, check out my deprecated code page.

Disable Emojis

This plugin disables the new emoji functionality in WordPress 4.2.

Delete Delete Site

Removes the “Delete site” link from your WordPress multisite admin panel.

Simple 404 Logger

The simplest solution for logging 404 requests in WordPress. Designed with performance and simplicity in mind.

Spam Destroyer

Anti-spam solution for WordPress aimed at those who simply want to install a plugin and forget about their spam problems. No user-unfriendly CAPTCHA’s, no complicated settings pages, just install, activate.

Unique Headers

WordPress Plugin which adds the ability to use unique custom headers on individual pages, posts or categories. You will see sections for changing your custom header when editing posts or pages.

Profile widget

A WordPress widget for displaying user profile information on single post pages.

Deprecated projects

The Deprecated projects plugin for WordPress allows you to easily add a notice to pages on your site which need to include a “deprecated” notice.

End to end encryption for WordPress

I have seen people storing extremely sensitive data within WordPress installations and assuming everything is fine since they used a “private page” or placed a password on it. The End to end plugin adds true security to your WordPress site content.

Audio Meta Box

An audio uploader implemented as a meta box in WordPress.

Simple CMS plugin for WordPress

Converts WordPress into a basic CMS (Content Management System) for creating and editing simple static websites. Simple CMS removes all of the complicated blogging functionality which is not needed for a basic static website. This allows for easier use of the admin panel by non web designers.

Menu Cache plugin for WordPress

A plugin for caching the output of your WordPress menus. It maintains the current/parent/child page classes unlike other menu caching systems.


Multi-lingo allows authors to set the language code used for each post or page. The language attribute will be added to that pages head tag.

WooCommerce Default Number

WordPress plugin which forces WooCommerce to default to 1 product instead of 0. If an item is added to a cart something will always be added.

Disable Attachment Comments

Automatically disables the comments section of attachment pages. This plugin will allow you to shut off those pesky attachment page comment sections.

Add Author to bbPress Admin

Adds an author select box to the bbPress admin for changing the author of posts and replies