Screenshot of the widget in action on a single posts page.

A WordPress widget for displaying author profile information on single post pages. This is ideal if you want to display the post authors avatar and bio information in the sidebar of each of their posts.

Download Profile Widget

Advanced usage

You can force it to display on other pages such as category pages via the ‘profwid_confirm_display’ filter as shown below.

 * Filter for displaying "Profile Widget" plugin on category pages
 * Modifies the result of the is_single() check to allow for categories as well
 * This functionality is abnormal since categories typically have more than one author, and therefore
 * the profile widget would usually not be desired on the categories page.
 * @since 1.0
 * @author Ryan Hellyer <>
 * @return bool
function category_display() {
	if ( is_category() || is_single() )
		return false;
		return true;
add_filter( 'profwid_confirm_display', 'category_display' );