Simpler WordPress gallery

Published February 25th, 2023 under Misc

Simplify WordPress gallery code with a snippet that converts it to an unordered list. Check it out at on my Simpler WordPress gallery code page.

More Gutenberg junk

Published January 29th, 2023 under Misc

It seems that every once in a while, I need to disable more Gutenberg rubbish messing with WordPress websites. Here is an updated Gutenberg junk removal script.

Disable Gutenberg junk in SVN trunk!

Published October 12th, 2022 under Misc

WordPress keeps adding more code junk, even when you aren’t using the WordPress block editor. Thankfully this is something which is trivial to fix.

Potassium fortified Kikkoman soy sauce

Published August 20th, 2022 under Food

I fortified Kikkoman soy sauce with potassium to make it healthier for those with elevated blood pressure.


Published January 16th, 2022 under Misc

A simple shim function to make the super useful str_contains() function from PHP 8 work in older versions of PHP.

Miraculix psilocybin test kit

Published August 21st, 2021 under Food

I bought the first home test kit for the measurement of the concentration of psilocybin cost effectively at home. Here is my review of it.

Legal LSD

Published July 16th, 2021 under Misc

There has been a recent trend to buy “Legal LSD”. Many assume they are buying actual real LSD, but they are not.

COVID-19 herd immunity in Stockholm County

Published September 17th, 2020 under Editorial

I don’t understand why people don’t believe in herd immunity, particularly with COVID-19. Perhaps Stockholm County has already reached it?


Published September 13th, 2020 under Editorial

I had seen grossly inflated death rate numbers during the 2009 pandemic, and so knew to be very cautious of them. CFR is not IFR.


Published March 21st, 2020 under Editorial

I had falsely assumed society would take a broad view of the situation. Life is about living, not about dying.