I needed to implement an audio uploader as a meta box in a recent WordPress project. I couldn’t find a suitable off the shelf tool for this, so I quickly hacked together a solution by modifying my Unique Headers plugin.

This is a slightly incomplete project, as it still has many references to images in it’s internals, but it is fully functional, so I’m uploading it here in case it’s helpful for any of you.

The code is contained within a class. By default it is instantiated for all public post-types. If you want to customise it for a specific use case, I recommend extracting the class and modifying the instantiation constants. I’d add a filter, but it’s hosted on GitHub and I haven’t implemented an auto-updater for it. If there is enough demand, I can upload it to the WordPress.org repository and make it a little more extensible.

If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments section below 🙂

Download here

The plugin can also be found on GitHub … github.com/ryanhellyer/audio-meta-box