My name is Ryan Hellyer. I’m a Kiwi web/software developer based in Berlin, Deutschland. I’m originally from a small city called Dunedin in southern New Zealand and have lived in both Norway and Canada in the past. I work as a WordPress theme and plugin specialist.

Head over to my “contact page” if you would like to get in touch with me or my “services page” if you are looking for someone to hire. To see old presentations of mine, check out my presentationis page.

WordPress contributions

This list is a work in progress 😉

  • WordPress SEO. Security fixes. UI fixes.
  • WordPress core code contributions.
  • Creation of many plugins (look around this site to find them)
  • Creation of many themes (look around this site to find them)
  • Jetpack. Added extra functionality to the Most Popular posts widget
  • Various security reports. Recode of the Z-Bench theme
  • Minit plugin. Extra hooks and extension functionality.
  • Gravity Forms. Security fixes.
  • WooCommerce. Security fixes.
  • Dibs for WooCommerce

Outside of WordPress

You could be forgiven for thinking I do nothing but nerdy stuff with my life. That is almost true, but you can check out the less geeky side of my life by heading over to my personal blog at I like to keep my geek talk off of that site, as it would bore the heck out of my friends and family!

Occasionally asked questions

  • Why isn’t plugin X translatable?
    Oops! My bad. Just email me the translation files and I’ll add it for you. I have been bad at adding translations in the past, but have become much better lately and I promise to add any translations which you send me. All of my new plugins will be translated into Norsk Bokmål by default, so they should all be straightforward to add new translation strings for.
  • Why do you refuse to help me build my hate site?
    Because you are a dickwad and I don’t like you! If your website is anti-gay, anti-black, anti-Asian or any variant thereof, please stop emailing and set fire to yourself instead.
  • Why haven’t you made change X to plugin Y?
    There are three potential answers here, either it is a stupid idea, it is a good idea but I don’t have time, or I simply didn’t think of it (in which case email me about it please)
  • What happened to PixoPoint?
    I killed it off. It was created as a brand for a web development company. I now work for another one and so continuing my own brand seemed silly when “PixoPoint” is literally nobody else but me.
  • Why WordPress?
    I’ve tried other software, they all confused me. Having said that, I don’t think WordPress is the ultimate solution and I’m sure that other platforms are better. However WordPress is the most popular platform and I don’t see any point in working with something that very few other people are using.
  • Why Berlin?
    Why the hell not? Berlin is awesome! Lots of exciting things happening, lots of people everywhere, crazy cheap and crazy close to all sorts of other exciting places!

Amusing quotes

Christopher from wrote:

You are like a God of WordPress.
I humbly sacrifice a cattlebeast in your honour.
Being me, I also ate said cattlebeast.