All extraneous admin areas which are unnecessary for a bare bones, basic CMS are removed from the administration menus.

Visit the Simple CMS page for more information.

To help with theming, we have created a theme called Simple CMS theme which is designed to simplify the design process for web designers by only implementing the features needed for a basic static site. The theme is not designed to look pretty, but is a practical, simple theme to build your own designs from … Simple CMS Theme


Version 2.0.2: Updated supported to notice
Version 2.0.1: Documented support for newer versions of WordPress and updated domain
Version 2.0: Removed block prevent excerpts from appear for static pages
Version 1.9: Added support for setting a constant of ‘SIMPLECMS_EVERYBODY’ in wp-config.php to simplify the administration panel for admins and super admins too
Version 1.7.1: Major rewrite. Moved to OOP approach. Added support for removing admin bar menu items. Added support for removing extraneous meta boxes.
Version 1.7.1: Version compatibility change and minor documentation updates.
Version 1.7: Major bug fix. Prevented running script for admins.
Version 1.6: Major bug fix. Add add_action() call to make plugin actually work. Also added HTML comments in header.
Version 1.5: Total rewrite. Uses PHP to remove administration menus instead of hiding via CSS.
Version 1.4.1: Beta: Beta release; uploaded to WP plugins repository
Version 1.4 Alpha: Total rewrite for WP 2.7
Version 1.3.3: Folder name bug fixed
Version 1.3.2: Page order bug fixed
Version 1.3.1: Media uploader bug fixed
Version 1.3: Fixed related bug and changed branding
Version 1.2.4: Fixed HTML bug
Version 1.2.3: Updated for WP 2.5 RC2 and removed menu options which can’t be accessed by editors
Version 1.2.2: Gallery/Media link bug fixed
Version 1.2.1: Improved documentation ready for WordPress plugins repository
Version 1.2 Beta: Added options panel for modifying menu
Version 1.1 Beta: Set so that Administrators keep regular WordPress panel, Editors and below have new panel
Version 1.0 Beta: Initial release
Version 0.9 Alpha: Barely functioning plugin


Thanks to the following for help with the development of this plugin:
* Natasha Munro – number one alpha tester
* Dennis – Bug report
* Tantric – Bug report</br />


Download the Ryans Simple CMS plugin.

After you’ve downloaded and extracted the files:

  1. Upload the complete ‘ryans-simplecms’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory OR install via the plugin installer
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. That’s it, all non-“WordPress Administrators” will now see an admin panel which contains only the necessities for a basic CMS for a static website
  4. Login as a “WordPress Editor” or lower to see the new admin panel

Visit the Simple CMS page for more information.

Note: This plugin intentionally does not affect the admin panel if you are a “WordPress Administrator”. This ensures that you as the owner/designer of the site have full control over the admin panel, yet anyone at a lower userlevel (ie: “WordPress Editor”) will see a massively simplified panel. You can alter user levels via the “Users” option in the regular WordPress admin panel.

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