Bart Simpson uses the PixoPoint menu plugin

Published November 24th, 2009 under Plugins

Marty Kassowitz of Interest Factory contacted us requesting assistance in creating a new menu for the official website of Emmy Award-winner Nancy Cartwright. Nancy is best known as the voice of yellow coloured spikey haired underachiever Bart Simpson, but also gives voice to Nelson Muntz, […]

Tung Do (aka Small Potato)

Small Potato redesign

Published November 2nd, 2009 under General

Some you may have noticed the drastically different look we have around here. This has been thanks to the brilliant work of Tung do (aka Small Potato). Tung has recently come back from an extended break from web design and offered to redesign We […]

Nancy Cartwright (aka Bart Simpson)

Published October 2nd, 2009 under Portfolio

Nancy Cartwright is the voice behind Bart Simpson. I was contracted by her web developer to provide the coding expertise for her dropdown menu. It includes features such as graphical curved dropdown borders, drop shadows and flyouts. The content of the menu is powered by […]

Removing page URLs in PixoPoint Menu plugin for WordPress

Published July 26th, 2009 under Plugins

We have been asked many times before to provide a way to remove the links of parent pages in our menu plugins. Today one of our Premium Support members requested this feature, so we added support for it into our latest release for them. Simply […]

PixoPoint WordPress Unzipper

Published July 14th, 2009 under General

Sorry, but there are better ways to do this now. This project has been deprecated and is no longer in development. This page will be kept online for archival purposes and in case anyone is still interested in the project despite being no longer maintained. […]

PixoPoint Menu plugin

Published July 11th, 2009 under Plugins

It has been a long time coming, but we are pleased to announce that our new PixoPoint Menu plugin is finally ready for beta release. You can download it at the WordPress plugin repository. Designing your menu Unlike the Multi-level Navigation plugin, this new plugin […]

Traffik Lites

Traffik Lites

Published March 2nd, 2009 under Portfolio

I developedthe dropdown menu for the The design features an entirely graphical menu. The menu is generated from a single large graphic which allows the menu to load very quickly rather than having to load individual images for each menu item.

Dropdown shadows

Published January 31st, 2009 under Templates

We have recently added some improvements to the menu system within the PixoPoint Template Generator. Dropdown shadow as seen in the Revolution Generated theme Most of these changes are under the skin, improvements to cross-browser compatibility, bug fixes etc. However one of them is the […]

Simple CMS theme update

Published January 17th, 2009 under Templates

A new version of the Simple CMS theme is now available. Download Simple CMS theme version 1.5 The Simple CMS theme does not display comments, tags, categories or anything not needed for a basic static website. The theme folder only contains four PHP files, header.php, […]

Multi-level Navigation plugin Update Version 1.6

Published January 16th, 2009 under Plugins

After extensive testing, a new heavily updated version of the PixoPoint Multi-level Navigation plugin for WordPress is now available for download. Demo and download Download PixoPoint Multi-level Navigation plugin Link to activate PixoPoint Multi-level Navigation plugin on this page Changes Here is a list of […]