Jeff Chandler, the host of WordPress Weekly.

For those of you looking for another way to find out about the latest news, tips and information about WordPress but are sick and tired of reading through blog after blog of posts, an excellent alternative is to listen or even participate in a WordPress related podcast.

The leading podcast on WordPress is the WordPress Weekly podcast hosted by Jeff Chandler. Jeff does an excellent job of presenting the latest news and has a slew of top level WordPress  plugin authors, themers and general WordPress experts on his show, both as interviewees and during round table discussions with other WordPress experts.

Live broadcast

One of the key ingredients to the success of WordPress weekly is not only the boundless enthusiasm of Jeff as host of the show, but also the live setup. You can listen to the podcast live as it happens, and even call in if you would like to ask a question. There is also a chat box for the live listeners to discuss the podcast as it happens and to ask questions which may be answered on the show.

The live service is provided by the TalkShoe podcasting service. Visit the WordPress Weekly Talkshoe page to see the upcoming live schedule and to join in on the conversation.

Other WordPress podcasts

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Thanks to Ronald Huereca for the photo of Jeff. Ronald is our JavaScript guru so if you have a use for any JavaScript/AJAX related WordPress work, please get in touch!