String replace SQL

Published July 14th, 2023 under General

Discover a straightforward bash script method to conduct a string replacement in your entire SQL database. This technique allows for a direct and efficient approach without the necessity of dumping or reimporting your database.

Compress image folders to webp

Published June 11th, 2023 under General

Convert entire folders of images to webp with specific file size limits using this simple bash script.

Dynamically controlling CMB2 metaboxes

Published August 11th, 2018 under General

Demo code for how to implement dynamic metaboxes based on previous metabox values within the superuseful CMB2 metabox tool for WordPress.

Dynamic page templates in WordPress 4.4

Published January 20th, 2016 under General

WordPress 4.4 added an improved system for dynamically adding page templates via plugins. To make this simple for you to implement yourselves, I’ve created this short example class.

Bose QC15 headphones

Published September 8th, 2015 under General

People sometimes ask why I bought a pair of €300 headphones. The answer is very simple, noise cancelling.

Attention Kiwi WordPress users

Published August 5th, 2015 under General

WordPress is being translated into the glorious language of Kiwi English 🙂 The hard yakka has been done by Tarei and I added a few extra strings in.

Geolocating quiz answers

Published January 3rd, 2015 under General

Ever wondered how those link bait’ish things you see on Facebook can accurately guess which country you are from? I decided to do some testing.

My face in 3D

Published December 20th, 2014 under General

I spent an evening hanging out with the Coding Amigo’s, a code hacking group in Berlin. One of the members made a 3D scan of my face.

Dot Kiwi is born

Published December 14th, 2014 under General

I was squirreling away launching a complete rejig of my domain names. This website will henceforth be known as 🙂

Google location tracking

Published August 16th, 2014 under General

I was stunned to see a scarily accurate plot of my exact location published online by Google! I’m not sure how that happened; either Google or I screwed up.