We often receive requests for information on where to learn more about WordPress theme and plugin development. Unfortunately, the official resource site WordPress.org is not a good place to go for information beyond the extreme basics of WordPress or encyclopaedic type information about various hooks and filters and functions used within the core software. So here is a run-down on my favourite unofficial sources of WordPress tips, tricks and support.

WP Tavern

The WordPress Tavern has become the defacto goto place for many WordPress experts. The site is run by the unofficial WordPress community superstar Jeff Chandler who is based in the USA. The site includes a blog with posts from both Jeff himself and other contributors and a terrific forum for discussing the latest news, tips and tricks of WordPress. The site is also the home of WordPress Weekly, the best podcast about WordPress.

WP Garage

Although not updated as often as it once was, WP Garage is a terrific source of information about plugins, themes and basic tricks. The site is ideally suited to those wanting to move from being a novice WordPress user to a power user as it includes a series of basic coding tricks and tips. The site is run by Miriam Schwab of Israel who is also the CEO of illuminea, an internet presence and marketing firm.

Justin Tadlock / Theme Hybrid

Justin Tadlock is one of the leading experts on theme development for WordPress. Justin is very much at the cutting edge of creating innovative themes which can be modified extensively (via child themes) without touching the core theme code. He is the author of Theme Hybrid and also written some high quality plugins for WordPress. Justin operates a theme club which includes a high quality support forum for his various (free) products.

Other resources

There are so many other resources about WordPress that we couldn’t possibly list them all. However here is a list of resources we also recommend checking out.
Theme Shaper – An excellent site by Candian based Ian Stewart, about WordPress theme development and in particular his parent theme, Thematic.
WP Vibe – A resource site about WordPress plugins and themes by Dre Armeda and Jonathan Dingman.
SitePoint – Although not a WordPress specific site, SitePoint is an excellent place to learn more about the software. SitePoint includes the most popular web development forum on the internet.
WP Mu Tutorials – One of the best places to find Mu specific information about WordPress. The site is run by husband and wife team Ron and Andrea.
Andrew Rickmann’s blog – An excellent site for opinions on the more advanced issues relating to WordPress.
Mark Jaquith on WordPress – Mark Jaquith is one of the core developers for WordPress and also the best of the core developers at dispersing information about the cutting edge of WordPress development.