After cycling through a FitBit Charge 2, Samsung Galaxy Watch3, and a FitBit Charge 5, I tried the Whoop Strap. The prior devices had their drawbacks: FitBit’s dormant screens, Samsung’s poor battery life, and Charge 5’s tricky UI.

The Whoop Strap isn’t exactly a “free trial” since you pay for shipping, but the device is free. To keep it, you unfortunately have to pay a hefty subscription fee (€444 for two years). Despite good online reviews, it left me quite underwhelmed.


  • No screen, reducing bulk
  • Decent battery life
  • Convenient charging puck you can use while wearing it


  • Remains damp after showering or swimming
  • Lacks a step counter, a metric many people find useful
  • No GPS, making swim tracking impossible
  • An additional gripe: why not offer the tracker as part of a traditional watch strap? It would marry a traditional watches benefits with Whoop’s tracking capabilities

Summary: the Whoop Strap’s shortcomings overshadow its features, making it a poor value for the price IMHO. Next on my list to try: a Garmin.