PixoPoint No Theme plugin

PixoPoint No Theme plugin

Published January 15th, 2012 under Plugins

There may be occasions when you would like to call a raw post from your WordPress powered site and insert it elsewhere on the internet. You could setup a complex cross-server MySQL query, however I decided to take a simpler approach by creating the No […]

New WP e-Commerce plugin

Published October 30th, 2011 under Plugins

If you have ever wanted to remove the extraneous CSS and JavaScript files which you may not be using in the excellent WP e-Commerce plugin, then you should check out the new “e-Commerce Disabler” plugin which automatically removes them for you.

Download counter for update plugin

Published October 14th, 2011 under Plugins

The Auto Update plugin now includes a download counter to allow you to track the number of downloads of your plugins and/or themes. The number of downloads can be seen in the admin page underneath the slug and URL information. If there are any other […]

Using SSL in WordPress admin

Published October 8th, 2011 under General

Unbeknownst to many internet surfers, the data you submit to a website which does not use https, is free for anyone with appropriate access to see. This includes usernames, cookies and passwords – stuff you don’t want random people finding! Often these are not easily […]

Auto-update plugin created

Published October 5th, 2011 under Plugins

We have a new plugin called the “Auto-update plugin” available. It makes it easier to setup themes and plugins to auto-update themselves without needing to be hosted in the WordPress.org plugin or theme repositories. Check it out now! 

Freysinnet UK

Published May 2nd, 2011 under Portfolio

Josh Davies and I developed the Freysinnet UK WordPress theme. Josh handled the design side of the project which explains the slick graphics 😀 Custom plugins were developed for this website, including a newsletter plugin for handling mail outs.

Hybrid Tabs CSS

Published April 27th, 2011 under Plugins

Today we released a small plugin as a companion to the Hybrid Tabs plugin. We hope someone finds it useful! Hybrid Tabs CSS plugin.

ITX Design

Published March 2nd, 2011 under Portfolio

I developed the ITX Design WordPress theme. It is a smooth green and blue design for a hosting company. The graphic design was handled by Josh Davies.

Disable Grunion Admin link plugin

Published December 23rd, 2010 under Plugins

The catch with using the Grunion Contact form plugin for WordPress has always been that you were limited to a very simple contact form and did not have the ability to modify the fields used. However a recent update to the plugin has changed this […]

Deregister Contact Form 7 plugin

Published December 19th, 2010 under Plugins

Our Deregister Contact Form 7 plugin is now available in the official WordPress plugin repository 😀 http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/deregister-contact-form-7/