Convert UTC to local time

Published August 4th, 2012 under General

I was having a dreadful time converting from the UTC time stamp stored in the WordPress database to the local time set in the admin panel. I ended up writing the following handy little function to convert the times easily.

First and last widget classes

Published June 18th, 2012 under General

A simple filter to automatically add a class attribute like widget-order-1 to all widgets within sidebars.

Filtering get_header()

Published June 15th, 2012 under General

Quick code snippet for anyone attempting to filter get_header() in WordPress. This is a useful feature for developers wanting to modify the header image of a site without needing to mess with the theme.

Title tags in WordPress

Published June 13th, 2012 under General

Including convoluted chunks of code to WordPress themes so that you can provide support for advanced title tags is mostly pointless since the same functionality is provided by SEO plugins.

New custom headers and backgrounds

Published April 25th, 2012 under General

As of WordPress 3.4, the way custom headers and backgrounds are handled by WordPress is changing. This won’t make any real difference to end-users, but those of us who make themes should being transitioning to the new system immediately. On the current trunk version of […]

Using SSL in WordPress admin

Published October 8th, 2011 under General

Unbeknownst to many internet surfers, the data you submit to a website which does not use https, is free for anyone with appropriate access to see. This includes usernames, cookies and passwords – stuff you don’t want random people finding! Often these are not easily […]

WordPress Admin bar

Published November 18th, 2010 under General

WordPress Version 3.1 (due for release within the next month or two) will include an admin menu bar similar to the one seen on and Vipers’ Admin bar plugin. You can read more about the development of the admin bar in WordPress Trac. You […]

Flash and dropdown menus

Published June 11th, 2010 under General

Aside from the known issues with flash, there is a major problem with the default setup of most flash objects which many people are unaware of. A quick search through our support forum, will show up dozens of questions relating to Adobe Flash objects and […]

WordPress and AJAX

Published May 4th, 2010 under General

Our JavaScript guru Ronald Huereca has launched a terrific new e-book explaining the technical side of using AJAX with WordPress. If you have ever wanted to learn how to add AJAX features into your WordPress powered site, then we highly recommend checking out Ronald’s new […]

PixoPoint Theme Integrator in repo.

Published April 21st, 2010 under General

The PixoPoint Theme Integrator plugin for WordPress is now available in the official WordPress plugin repository. PixoPoint Theme Integrator plugin page on If you find the plugin useful, please rate is up by logging into the repository and clicking the stars in the right […]