Have you ever been a member of a Telegram, Whatsapp or Discord group and had to deal with annoying spam bots waltzing in and posting content? I have. It annoyed/annoys the heck out of me. When I created my own Discord group, I added a crude spam blocking system to prevent spammers from following the invite links used to join the group which worked spectacularly well.

Solution … spamannihilator.com

Fast forward a year, and some other groups I’m a member of started having really bad spam problems. Some of them didn’t want to change the invite URLs regularly, because the old links they had shared would then stop working, which is a big problem for archived content such as emails. To fix this problem for them, I created a new service called the Spam Annihilator. All you need to do is to log in with Facebook, add an invite link, and it will provide a custom anti-spam link which you can share online instead of the original invite URLs Whatsapp, Discord or Telegram suggest you use.

If a spam bot does manage to find the original source URL, you can simply change the source invite URL. You don’t need to change the shared spamannihilator.com URL so anyone finding the old link will still be able to connect to the new invite URL automatically.

The service is free and also works with any links you may want to protect from automated spam bots.


The system used to block spam at spamannihilator.com is based on the system used to successfully block spam commenters in the Spam Destroyer plugin for WordPress.


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