After we redeveloped the Red Devils ice hockey team site on, we felt the urge to create something which could be benefit the rest of the community. It is not possible to upload themes to per se, but it is possible to change a themes CSS via the custom CSS option. So we decided to create a child theme of the Titan Theme. All you need to do is copy and paste the CSS into your custom CSS panel in when you are using the Titan theme and the new design will appear on your site.

The result of this is the CobaltCloud theme. It is a two column widgetised design with a slick looking drop down menu.

Screenshot of the new CobaltCloud theme for


The design of this theme is heavily inspired from the StudioPress Enterprise Theme. If you are looking for a high quality paid theme for your self-hosted WordPress installation we highly recommend checking out the selection of top notch themes available at


CobaltCloud demo site


The CSS for the design is available on the CobaltCloud theme page.


For custom versions of this theme, please contact us for pricing information.