Since the inception of, we have been providing free support in our support forum for our menu plugins and CSS generator. Later, we began offering our Premium Support service, which gives much faster response times and we are happy to answer even very complex questions or even write extensive code to help out our Premium Support members.

However, in order to keep maintaining the service, we need those requesting free support to follow a few simple guidelines or we will need to move to a purely paid support system (which we would like to avoid). In the past we attempted to answer every question which was sent our direction, but as the number of support requests has grown, this has become virtually impossible to maintain due to the shear number of questions.

To help reduce our workload, it would be great if you could follow these guidelines before posting any free support questions in our forum (these do not apply to Premium Support members):

Things to let us know in your post

  • Are you using one of our WordPress plugins? If so, which one?
  • Where is your CSS? (don’t paste it, just post a link to it)
  • What modifications have you made to the CSS?
  • What browsers are you having problems with?
  • What is the URL for your site?

If you didn’t paste your CSS into a WordPress plugins’ settings page, then let us know which exact file it is in (searching through a dozen CSS files in your theme trying to find your menu code is very time consuming).

Things which prevent us from helping you

  • Not providing a link to the problem.
  • Only providing HTML and CSS code snippets (without a link).
  • Not telling us you modified part of your CSS, plugin or theme.

We can not answer vague questions about your menu or theme not working, we need to see the problem in action so please provide a link to it. Note: you don’t need to provide an example of your whole site just to demonstrate a problem. If you don’t want to leave your site in a broken state, then you can simply create a static HTML file of your problem and upload that instead. “Save as” in most browsers will do the job, or you can copy and paste the source code.

Email Support

We only offer email support to our Premium Support members. By keeping all free support questions open to the public, we hope that others will be able to learn form the answers.

Blog Post Support

We do not provide support in our blog posts. All free support questions must be posted in our support forum.