Basic blue is a minimilistic two column template which was designed as a simple base for more advanced designs to be created from.

Download template as a WordPress theme

Download Basic blue 1.0 (link coming soon)

Basic blue as a base

This design was used as the base to create the other templates for the PixoPoint template generator including ‘Hellish Simplicity’, ‘Aqua Vaccinium’ and ‘Yoghourt’. By simply editing the various options in the template generator, the Basic blue template was morphed into the other drastically different creations. With minimal work, you too can develop your own entirely new designs.

Creating your own templates

If you modify one of the core templates in such a way that you think it would be suitable as one of the core templates, then please post your saved XML file in our support forum. If we think it is up to scratch, then we’ll consider adding it as one of the build in designs along with credit back to you as the author.