Simply dump the snippet of code below into a file in your WordPress sites mu-plugins folder. This will add a simple statement to the top of the admin panel, alerting the contributors to your site that any edits they make will be lost due to the site undergoing a move to another server.


 * Show admin notification
 * @author Ryan Hellyer <>
function show_moving_message() {
	// Shows as an error message. You could add a link to the right page if you wanted.
	echo( '
		 <div id="message" class="error">
				<strong>Notice:</strong> We are in the process of moving <strong>' . str_replace( 'http://', '', home_url() ) . '</strong> to another server. It is possible that any posts you create from now until the move is complete may be lost. Please wait until this notice disappears before editing your website.
				The move <em>should</em> be completed within the next few hours. 
				Sorry for the inconvenience!
		</div>' );
add_action( 'admin_notices', 'show_moving_message' );