Sorry, but there are better ways to do this now. This project has been deprecated and is no longer in development. This page will be kept online for archival purposes and in case anyone is still interested in the project despite being no longer maintained.

The PixoPoint Template Generator now supports bbPress themes. You may edit the colour scheme for your theme via the new ‘forum’ tab and export it via a new ‘Export to bbPress’ link in the ‘Upload/Save’ tab in the generator.

bbPress theme generated forum

bbPress theme generated forum

Note: This is a beta product which only works with the latest bbPress 1.0 and has had minimal testing. If you experience any problems, have suggestions for improvements or need help in setting up your theme, please do not hesitate to ask in our support forum.

WordPress integration

The bbPress themes are designed to integrate perfectly with WordPress. If you setup a deep integration with WordPress, your menus and sidebars from WordPress will be integrated into your new bbPress theme. When WordPress is not integrated, the theme will still work, but will display bbPress specific information in the menus and sidebars.


We do not have a full bbPress theme demo setup, but you can test your theme designs on our bbPress mockup page. The mockup page is not functional but will demonstrate how your them will appear when used in your bbPress forum.
PixoPoint bbPress theme demo