Sorry, but there are better ways to do this now. This project has been deprecated and is no longer in development. This page will be kept online for archival purposes and in case anyone is still interested in the project despite being no longer maintained.

The design of the submit form can be modified via your themes stylesheet.

The PixoPoint Email Submit plugin is a WordPress plugin which allows you to accept email address submissions on your site, and download those lists in convenient text files. This is ideal for anyone wishing to create an email newsletter as you can simply copy and paste the email addresses into your favourite web browser.

Download PixoPoint Email Submit plugin

Admin page

You can download email lists in comma, tab, space or carriage return delimited formats via the plugins admin page (found under settings). You can also edit the existing list and add new ones directly via a textarea. Email addresses can only be accessed by logged in administrators.

View of the admin page for the PixoPoint Email Submit plugin for WordPress.

Bug reports and support

If you find any bugs, please report them in the PixoPoint support forum.

Please note that we are not accepting unpaid requests for improvements or unpaid support for this plugin. The PixoPoint Email Submit plugin was created for a specific site and we do not have time to provide free technical assistance for it unfortunately.