Sorry, but there are better ways to do this now. This project has been deprecated and is no longer in development. This page will be kept online for archival purposes and in case anyone is still interested in the project despite being no longer maintained.

The WP e-Commerce plugin is an excellent tool for adding shopping cart functionality to your website, however you often do not require the extra CSS and JavaScript files which the plugin adds to your site. If you don’t have a use for these files, then install “PixoPoint e-Commerce Disabler” to automatically turn off all the extraneous features which you may not need. These files may serve a purpose This is ideal for sites which feature nothing but a simple product downloader and do not make use of any of the complex shopping cart functionality used within the WP e-Commerce platform.┬áTo use the plugin, simply install and activate it. There are no settings or changes necessary.

Please note: If you don’t understand what these files are used for in your site, then you probably don’t want to use this plugin as it may break your existing sites functionality.

Download PixoPoint e-Commerce Disabler