Sorry, but there are better ways to do this now. This project has been deprecated and is no longer in development. This page will be kept online for archival purposes and in case anyone is still interested in the project despite being no longer maintained.

The Contact Form 7 plugin is the most popular contact form plugin for WordPress. This popularity is for good reason as the plugin is an excellent choice for setting up basic contact forms on your website.

However there are many situations in which you may not wish to have the CSS and javascript files which come packaged with the plugin, loaded onto your pages. The plugin is able to operate perfectly well without the scripts and CSS and your pages will load faster without them.

When the Disable Contact Form 7 plugin is activated, it will remove all CSS and javascript files before they are inserted into your pages, therefore improving load times and reducing the clutter of your pages.

Download Deregister Contact Form 7 plugin

The contact page where we utilize the Disable Contact Form 7 plugin