A long time ago in a WordPress world far far away, I made a plugin called “Multi-level Navigation plugin”. It turned out to be very popular, and despite the introduction of menus into WordPress core, is still fairly popular to this day.

It seems however, that times have moved on, as has my knowledge of WordPress plugin coding, and so after receiving a reasonable complaint about the performance of the plugin I decided to do a major recode. I need a few of you to test this out before I go shunting it up to the WordPress plugin repository so if you are using the older version, please download this new version and let me know if you experience any problems.

Multi-level Navigation plugin version 2.3

Assuming everything goes well with testing, I’ll hopefully have this uploaded to replace the old one within the next week. I would list off the various upgrades here, but since I totally rewrote most of the code that would take too long for a single blog post 😉